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Community Child Health Services provide a specialist medical assessment and medical management service for children with complex needs arising from :

  • Chronic illness,
  • Neuro-developmental / Neuro-disability disability including sensory impairment
  • Being vulnerable to harm. 

CCH Teams provide clinics in a number of community locations, working from 3  administrative locality bases:

  • Edinburgh - 10 Chalmers Crescent.
  • West Lothian - St John’s Hospital.
  • East Lothian & Midlothian – Musselburgh Primary Care Centre.

Who to refer

Referrals to the appropriate locality base will be based on the child’s home address or school address (if more relevant). These should be for:

  • Children aged from birth to school leaving age.
  • Children with the following concerns:
    • Delayed development or impairment  in motor, speech and social communication skills
    • Congenital or genetic neurological medical conditions resulting in developmental delay and disability that will require significant additional support services
    • Medical conditions and learning difficulties that will require community paediatric medical support to facilitate  access to educational supports,
    • Looked After Children (foster children & those cared for in residential homes by the Local Authority) who have unmet healthcare concerns that would benefit from a comprehensive medical assessment.

For further guidance on Pre School Children with Possible Neuro-developmental Delay - Click Here

If a referrer is uncertain, a pre-referral telephone consultation with the appropriate Locality based Community Paediatric team is recommended (see telephone details below).

Child Protection Referrals

All Child Protection concerns should be urgently referred as directed by the Edinburgh & Lothian Child Protection Procedures.

Who not to refer

  • Young people who have left school education.
  • Children with behavioural problems / suspected ADHD as the only  referral concern                (See Guidance for C&YP with behavioural and emotional problems  - Click Here)
  • Children with slow educational progress where there are no clear medical factors. (See Note 1 below)
  • Children with new urine / bowel continence or chronic constipation problems not already being managed by the Community Paediatric Service. (See Note 2 below)

How to refer

Through a SCI gateway referral letter addressed to: Consultant Community Paediatrician at:

Edinburgh – CCH Dept, 10 Chalmers Crescent, Edinburgh EH9 1TS (Tel: 0131 536 0461)

West Lothian – CCH Dept, St John’s Hospital, Livingston EH54 6PP (Tel: 01506 524403)

East Lothian and Midlothian – CCH Dept, Musselburgh Primary Care Centre, Inveresk Rd,  Musselburgh, EH21 7BP(Tel: 0131 446 4130 for East Lothian and 0131 446 4131 for Midlothian).


Child protection referrals

 Contact To be by Telephone Only

During working hours:

City of Edinburgh – 0131 536 0467

West Lothian  - 01506 524412

East & Midlothian – 0131 446 4123


Contact RHSC (0131 536 0000) and ask for on-call Child Protection Consultant.



Community Child Health Core Business Document: Click here

Referral guidance document for C&YP with emotional & behavioural problems.

Note 1: Parents should seek initial consultation with Education professionals at the child’s school.

Note 2: These children should be referred to specialist Nurse-led Enuresis / Constipation or General Paediatric clinics.
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